Placeholder ImageAt this point, I would have to ask, “Why not online?” How many friends do you know who have had successful online dating experiences? I have countless, and many great experiences myself.


Recent nationwide research, conducted by Pew, finds that 50% of American adults are single, and there has been a tremendous increase in the number of those who have used online dating sites in the past two years. Most age groups have seen a double, and even triple number increase in participation, in the past 24 months! Only 5% of study participants report that their current relationship started online, however approximately 50% state that they know at least one person in a successful relationship that was initiated online. In my opinion, this difference continues to support the negative stigma related to online dating.


We are all on a limited time budget. The US Department of Labor reports that the average employed American only has 41 minutes per day to devote to social interaction! That little amount of time you have to spend with your friends & family, should be spend being present with them, as opposed to being on the hunt for a partner in any & all social situations. With Internet and mobile device communication, conversations may be initiated & maintained at your convenience. This allows for you to be more productive in your life outside of dating – think of the time, effort & money that could have been saved over the years had you net been holding down bar stools, only to leave without meeting any potential suitors. With online dating, you have a giant pool of other singles ready and wanting to connect.


If you’re here reading this, your goal is likely to meet & build a “real relationship” as opposed to just chatting online. The opportunity to present yourself properly, and to meet others with similar interests is actually incredibly efficient! There are endless negative stereotypes related to dating on the internet, but just as many about meeting in a bar or nightclub. No matter what the setting, you are responsible for your presentation & actions. With you being in control of your profile, you truly can be in charge of your first impressions. If you are representing yourself genuinely, I feel that there is no reason to be ashamed or uneasy about dating online.


Now, just because its efficient or convenient doesn’t mean that it is ‘easy’ to date online. There are many struggles to face when beginning to date online, such as being technologically inexperienced, overcoming insecurities with profile creation or striking up conversation, and overall distrust in the cyber-world. These are all completely valid concerns, and we will get through each of them in the future. For now, my goal is simply to get you comfortable with the idea of dating online. The numbers are pretty astonishing – 2.2 billion dollars were spent on online dating in 2014, and its only increasing! It’s certainly not going away anytime soon, so ya may as well get comfortable with it. Luckily, I can help!