So, you’ve set up your profile and are ready to get going… and then anxiety sets in again. How does one strike up a conversation with a complete stranger? I’ve got a few tips, with my greatest one being that practice makes perfect.

  • Pay someone a genuine complement
  • Ask a question related to one of their photos or profile remarks that truly interests you
  • Comment on something the two of you may have in common, and then ask a follow up question
  • Look for something obscure in photos to ask about
  • Funny is fun… but sometimes humor doesn’t translate all that clearly on a screen. Make sure it makes sense before you click send!
  • Before you send, repeat your message out loud to assure you are communicating properly – but don’t obsess over it
  • Once you have a dialogue going, make sure you keep the tone in line with your dating intention.
  • Don’t overshare! Save some topics for when you meet

Remember, its OK if you send a message or extend a complement that goes without response. You can’t help where anyone else is in his or her life. The more you send, the easier it gets!