Kissing couple
I have known Kathleen personally and professionally for over 20 years.
After a 24-year marriage and 3 kids, I found myself checking off official documents as DIVORCED. I was feeling very old, defeated, and intimidated. Whether it was stigma, being out of the dating world for so long, or my laundry list of fears, the last thing I wanted to do was to learn how to start Internet dating.
The whole online thing was beyond overwhelming. Being electronically challenged was one component, but putting myself out there was completely out of my comfort zone. When first meeting with Kat about the possibility of re-entry into the dating world, I didn’t have a single recent photo of myself!!! I hated the way I looked and all baggage that accompanied a failed marriage. Exposing myself to something new and being judged by others was something I was not prepared for. Kathleen walked me through this entire process, helping me every step of the way so I didn’t feel so intimidated.  She has a 6th sense and a keen eye, and was able to present me authentically, and in a way I was comfortable with. She helped me attract the kind of men that I would be interested in. I feel incredibly grateful for her insight and coaching, I have had many great online dating experiences and am actually excited about dating! She also gave me the confidence to see past my little bubble, into a new and very exciting world.
I would have never gotten to the great place I am today without her.  I know this might sound dramatic but she TRULY changed my life. I love meeting new people, feel much more confident in myself. THANK YOU KAT!!!
~ Leslie, 47